Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's always Knitpicks stuff....

"Is it Knitpicks stuff? It's always Knitpicks stuff...."

That's what my nine year old asked when I called her to the computer to look at something. It was Knitpicks stuff, because the Knitpicks site makes it so easy to find such neat stuff. I was flipping through their catalog a few days ago and found New Knits on the Block by Vickie Howell, then had to go see if the "view inside pages" link had a picture of the mermaid costume. Now I'm dying to get my hands on the book and see how it's done and what kind of yarn it calls for.

And, like I needed any more reasons to love Knitpicks, the same catalog shows the Lace Up Scarf/Wrap/Afghan that I fell in love with in Alterknits. I can make it for $46.06 -- as opposed to the $300+ that the recommended yarn would cost. That's if I used the Andean Silk. Now that I know it can be done with worsted weight (the pattern calls for multiple strands of stuff) I could use WOTA....or Super Saver! Is it just me, or does it seem a bit weird that the pictures in the Knitpicks catalog show the project much more clearly than the ones in the actual book?

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