Monday, May 02, 2016

Room to Sew

I pile things on my sewing machine, anything that needs a temporary place where no one will mess with it. Because no one touches the stuff on my sewing table.  Unless Teenage Daughter wants to sew a dress and use my machine instead of hers and than all bets are off and I'll never see anything again.

I'd hoped to have some blocks to show you this morning, but first I had to clear off everything that was piled on and around my sewing machine, safely waiting for me to deal with it. I can't tell you what the last thing I sewed was. (Actually, I looked back at my blog posts and it was the apron pockets I did in early March. A few weeks before that, I worked on a zipper bag which I still haven't finished. I don't want to look back any further, because it will just get depressing.)

April was a bad month. I lost a couple of days to a whopper of a headache that I couldn't fix because migraine pills only work on migraines and I can't take ibuprofen more than once or twice a month and Tylenol doesn't do much good, then got absolutely flattened by the chest cold that my husband brought home from work, then had to. The blood thinners are keeping me from clotting, but wreaking havoc with my quality of life. I've been to two different doctors and had unpleasant tests and hope there's a solution that will make this better.

Yesterday I cleared off everything that didn't belong on my sewing machine table, wound a couple of bobbins in anticipation of those blocks I really do plan to piece soon, cut more squares of linen for the anatomy quilt, and zig-zagged around the edges because that linen frays like you wouldn't believe.

Zig-zagging around the edges is pretty close to actual sewing, right?

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mpv61 said...

I don't know anything about your health in general beyond what you've said in this post. I used to get painful migraines, not all the time, but maybe once a month or so. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 5 or 6 years ago and had to go off of gluten (wheat, barley, rye...) Some months later, I realized my painful migraines had turned into "silent migraines" (basically without the serious pain, but keeping a bit of nausea and the aura). This was much better, as you can imagine!

I'm not suggesting simply going off gluten. However, you might want to read up a bit about celiac disease and also the possible relationship between migraines and gluten. If anything hits a nerve, you might want to get tested for celiac disease. If you have it, you'd have to drop gluten :(. If you don't have it, then you could consider dropping or reducing gluten to see if it helps your migraines. Same goes for the other migraine triggers, of course, although maybe you've already done all this to no avail. :/

I'm sorry April was so crappy for you, health-wise. I hope May turns things around for you in a big way.

And, YES, zig-zagging around the edges is sewing! You used your machine! Hand-sewing is sewing, too. Preparing something for sewing also deserves a pat on the back, as does...clearing off your sewing machine!! It's all progress.

Take care!

Kate said...

Oh wow, not a fun spring at all. Hope you get your health problems under control. Enjoy your stitching time. I always feel better when I have a chance to spend time in my sewing room.


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