Monday, May 30, 2016

It's Probably Time to Come Up With a Plan

I thought I'd seen some vintage anatomy charts with decorative borders, but after searching online and coming up with nothing, I guess those were just in my imagination. I'm going to have to translate those fuzzy memories into an actual sketch on a piece of graph paper. I've still got the ribs, a foot, and the lungs to stitch, so I can keep procrastinating for a while longer.

Someone asked where I'd found the pattern for this project. It's the Anatomy Design Pack from Urban Threads, which comes in two versions, one for hand stitching and one for embroidery. There's no pattern for assembling them into a quilt, just the embroidery patterns. I usually wind up doing my own thing, so that works for me. The pattern is cheap -- $4.00 for the entire set -- and it's on sale until Tuesday night. (No affiliation, I'm just a happy customer who bought my own patterns and is trying to resist the urge to buy more before I get some of my other projects done.)

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Charlene S said...

Neat pattern! Perfect for a future doctor or nurse.

Nancy said...

For a border or sashing how about something that looks like a brick wall? I can image them hanging on something like that in a classroom.

Kate said...

Very interesting pattern. You could do a lot of different settings with those. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on.


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