Wednesday, August 19, 2015

{Yarn Along} Let Me Tell You

I'm up to the  cuff, using the first skein of that yarn that Jo sent me, and I'm up to the heel of the second Catnip sock. This afternoon I'm going to dig out yarn for my next "sort of challenging" pair. I'm thinking that it'll be Eagle's Flight

When I got the chance to request a review copy of Let Me Tell You: New Stories, Essays, and Other Writings by Shirley Jackson, I jumped on it. I loved Haunting of Hill House and, maybe more than that, I loved Raising Demons and Life Among the Savages. Those last two are books about raising children and I can't think of more perfect titles for the subject.

This book is made up of previously unpublished essays and short stories. I didn't love them all, but the ones I did, including one unfinished short story, will stay with me. It amazes me how much her parenting essays hit home. (Apparently, I'm "everyone else's" mom, the one who won't compare notes with the other parents and set the rules for her children accordingly. I would have thought that was a new thing.)

For more pretty knitting projects to drool over, check out On the Needles at Patchwork Times.



mamasmercantile said...

Those socks are a dream, I have sock envy and wish I had the confidence/skill to be able to make myself a pair.

Donna said...

I just love that sock yarn. What great colors!!!

Evelyn Hender said...

Nice sock yarn, I like the diagonal pooling

Lucy Bowen said...

Love your socks, what brilliant yarn?!

Judy S. said...

Fun yarn! Did it make that arrow-ish design all by itself?

Dar said...

Great looking yarn and socks. Surely that design didn't appear as if by magic though.

straythreads said...

love the socks I haven't read anything by Shirley Jackson for years, I always loved her stories thanks for the reminder I'll have to look for those books
have a great weekend


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