Saturday, August 08, 2015

Preserving the Japanese Way

Someone is getting a copy of this book for Christmas. I haven't quite decided if it'll be for Hubby or Teenage Daughter, but this book needs to be in our kitchen. With our family's ongoing series of culinary dares, this book seemed like a good way to find out what some of those intriguing things on the shelves of Uwajimaya and Fubonn actually are.

There's so much more than food in this book. The author lives in a hundred year old Japanese farmhouse with her husband and family, and teaches an English immersion preschool. She describes her wooden buckets and barrels and collection of old cooking implements in loving details, explaining when and why traditional is better than modern plastic. The pictures are gorgeous and the instructions are clear.

And that's before I even start to think about the food that's the purpose for the book in the first place! I won't be pickling eggs, but there are plenty of recipes I want to try.

Disclosure - the publisher provided me with an ARC.

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