Thursday, August 06, 2015

HI-SPEED SKATES are Lightning Fast

I prefer plastic bins with tight fitting lids for storing my own treasures, but decades from now no one is going to pull down one of my boxes and wonder who had size six ladies' hockey skates. Which sold for $5.65 if that number written in grease pencil is the price and not some other notation.

The box and its contents came from an auction. There aren't any size six ice skates or a family story to go along with them.  There is a pair of white ice skates that Teenage Daughter bought at a thrift store  for a quarter....but those are part of a different story.

 The contents of the box were wrapped in a couple of partial pages from the New York Times, dates 1935. It crumbles to the touch and all of the articles are continued from page one, but I managed to find out that new bridge rules would simplify scoring (of the card game, not the bridges that cars drive over) and that planes had soared to 1500 feet. And a chicken and her chicks were rescued from a bush after a flood, but the paper was  cut so that I got the caption but not the picture.

Do old boxes and bits of newsprint excite you? Or is it just me?

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