Monday, August 17, 2015

Design Wall Monday

This is what I should be working on -- 

I'm counting it as progress that I matched the quilts up with their intended backings and hung them all together so that I couldn't lose them again. The problem is that the foot I need for free motion quilting (which mysteriously disappeared just after someone else was using my machine -- I think she moved it and then forgot where), there are too many other projects I want to start.

Getting motivated to pin baste is hard enough when I know I'll be able to start quilting as soon as I'm done.


DeAnna S said...

Love the nail polish quilt. Very cute! Have fun quilting your projects.

Bonnie said...

Hum, a good reason to keep an eye on other sewers in the house! Hope the foot surfaces soon. You've got a nice group of quilts ready to be finished. But, ah, the lure of a new project!


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