Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unexpected Vintage

If it's a sewing notion, I save it. Now and then I need an upholstery needle. I didn't even realize what I had here until I was sorting through a box of random stuff. 

These needles are actually kind of neat. And obviously old...

Telephone numbers like that were way before my time.  I'm guessing by the street names that this came from a business in Portland.

I like having things like this around. They're a reminder that things weren't always the way they are today, and they provide lots of opportunities for my kids to find that out.


colleen said...

Gosh I remember telephone numbers like this ours was Emersom 6-XXXX or EM6-XXXX
And we HAD to change to all numbers
It was hard, how little I knew way back then!!
We did use our mind a bit more I had to memorize my phone number and all of my friends, too
Now I really don't know anyone's phone numbers it's all automatic , just the push of a button on the cell Colleen

Terri said...

I remember our number was Garden5-225. They thought people couldn't remember that long a list of numbers, so part of it was a word. You used the first two letters to dial... get that, dial... really to dial, not poke numbers. And I remember before that our number in town (a little town) was 375, only 3 numbers. If you wanted to call someone long distance (and it had to be an emergency in those days) you had to have the help of the O... operator. She'd set up the call.
I also remember party lines. You and several neighbors were on one line, and you had a special ring. Everything in the house stopped when the phone rang, so you could count the rings to see if it was a call for you. That was the system at my Grandma's house... she had a phone, we didn't at that time.
Thank you for all those great memories.


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