Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Which quilts are they sleeping under?

Jo is doing another one of her What's on Your Bed? linky parties, so I took a peek into the kids' rooms.

 Teenage Daughter has been sleeping under my Bento Box (when did I give her permission to use that one?) and a log cabin that she made and long-arm quilted herself.

Quinn, much to my shock, has been sleeping under his Scrappy Trip Around the World. The one I made for him just before he decided that green was no longer his favorite color.

Heath has Simple Pleasures and Madder Snowballs. (Again, when did I say those were fair game?) and a quilt that my mom made for one of this brothers.

And Leif has my Blue Bargello and Fun With Bricks.

If you're keeping track, that means that only one of my kids is sleeping under the quilt I made him. Which is why I rarely make quilts specifically for one kid anymore. I figure that they'll latch onto the ones that they do like.

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