Saturday, October 04, 2014

What color are snails?

I had a harder time settling on the colors for the bristles and bubbles than I did picking them for the snail and her shell. You probably wouldn't be able to see the bubbles from any distance, but they look like bubbles. And that makes me happy.

While I was still fussing over my color choices, Leif  was outside finding the real thing. 

I did learn my lesson on this one. The iron on transfer lines were hard to see, but I thought I could muddle my way through. I've done it before, so why couldn't I do it on this one? Probably because following the curve on a dress is a lot easier than figuring out random brush bristles so faint you can barely see them in bright sunlight. (I read somewhere that the lines fade in sunlight, so maybe it was better when I started out.)

I'm using old transfer sheets, but I found the snails online at Super Mom - No Cape!  

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Jo said... stitch quickly. Another cute one!!


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