Thursday, October 23, 2014

that strange scraping sound...

Look what I found at St. Vincent's: 

We don't own a record player, so I don't look at the records, but this was sitting over in housewares where someone else had abandoned it. I had the 45 RPM storybook version when I was little and it gave me chills. It was that strange scraping sound as the stone door slid open and the goblins grabbed Bilbo and the dwarves. (I found a video of the one I had on Youtube and immediately had a little boy at my side watching. Records that go along with books are a hard concept to explain to a modern eight-year-old, even one who's grown up on old time radio shows and Grandma's antique mall!)

And Gollum. In my mind, this is always going to be what Gollum looks like.

It shows how different I was as a child from my own children. When the Lord of the Rings movies came out I was thoroughly convinced that they were too dark and scary for my children's little eyes. I was wrong. They love the movies.

I don't know quite what I'm going to do with this, but I knew I'd regret leaving it behind.

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Nancy said...

We have a record player, so my grandkids are familiar with the concept. I still have many of the records that my kids listened to. I will have to remember to look for more.

Maria Brittis said...

Love your blog, its so creative and pretty, love if you share this on Fabulous Friday Party

Chrissy said...

when it comes to gems like these age is certainly irrelevant... i know a certain thirty-six year old who would just love to sit, listen and look at this. ;) so glad you did not leave it behind.


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