Saturday, October 25, 2014

Carving Pumpkin Cookies

Once upon a time, I could make chocolate cookies and barely check the recipe on the bag of the bag to make sure I mad my measurements right. Having kids seems to have eliminated that ability. Either they sucked the remembered recipes from my brain, or going so long without doing it made me forget.

Now days, fresh baked cookies are a once-in-a-blue-moon thing that require special circumstances. Like these cookie cutters that I found on the clearance shelf at a big box store last November.

Teenage Daughter was looking for marked down T-shirts and the boys were trying to talk me into anything with blood or teeth when I saw these. If it's not clear from the picture, that's a pumpkin with different mouths and eyes and noses.

There was no UPC code, no label, no trace of what it was or might have cost. I was debating how much time I could spend in line at customer service trying to buy them when there was no way to tell what they actually were....the woman at the checkout line scanned one of the boys cookies-in-a-spooky-tin an extra time and said that was good enough.

I need a different sugar cookie recipe next time, one that won't make the faces spread and the eyes and mouths close into winks and smirks. And I need to make a much bigger batch because the boys saw what I was doing and wanted to cut their own faces. (That sounds a bit wrong when I re-read it....they wanted to design their own faces....on the pumpkins. That's better!)

I'm also thinking these would make good quilting templates for something like my Pumpkin Carving quilt. I did  some Googling and it looks like these are the Nordic Ware Jack-O-Lantern Cookie Cutter Set.


CathieJ said...

How cute!

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not an expert but have done a little bit of cookie decorating...along with my quilting and gardening :-) Anyway, I don't put baking powder in my cut out recipe and freeze the cut out cookies for about 5 minutes before I bake them. Maybe this will work for you too. Good Luck and I love that cookie cutter set!

ytsmom said...

I agree with Kim. You want a recipe without leavening, or even a shortbread recipe. Hope to see your next attempt!


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