Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tole Painted Daisies

When I was little, my mom was really into tole painting (which gave way to ceramics...which has since given way to quilting...)  Just mention "tole painting" and the first thing that pops into my mind is "Family Feud," because my mind works like that. When I was little and Mom went to her classes, Dad and I would watch The Family Feud with Richard Dawson. 

I think my mother painted these daisies, which found their way to my house via my paternal grandmother's estate sale. I didn't particularly love them, but I didn't have any of Mom's tole painting, except a Raggedy Ann and Andy clock that I spent my entire childhood thinking she'd painted for me. Turns out it was Grandma Wittenberg who made it the clock. 

No one else wanted them and I figured that I should have something from that era...and an evil little part of me was thinking that maybe I might use the frame for something else because the canvas is loose inside it. 

Now it turns out that Mom might not have painted these, because they're signed with her last name. She signs things with her first name, or a combination of her first and last initial. So did Grandma paint this? Or an aunt? (Did everyone paint daisies? I know there were multiples in the family.) I called and asked  my other Grandma and she says Mom never would have signed just the last name. 

It'll be easy  enough to ask Mom once she gets back from her trip, but it got me thinking about how we're always being told that we should label those quilts. In this case, the signature isn't enough. (I just got up and checked Great-Grandma's old painting. That's not signed, but the details were added to the back of the frame by my mother.)

We think we'll remember, but what happens when we've had the facts wrong since day one?

Update -- I talked to Mom and she did sign a few pieces with just her last name. So these are hers. And, judging by the date that I found pencilled on the back, she was probably painting these while Dad and I were watching Family Feud.

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LV said...

A nice way to preserve nice memories.

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

Signing quilts is definitely a good idea! Let future generations know who put in all that time and effort.
Thank you for sharing at History & Home, take care. Dawn @ We Call It

Jann Olson said...

Those were the days! I actually use to teach tole painting. I have hung on to a few things, but have gotten rid of so much. I like the daisies and think you need to keep them! I should label my quilts some way. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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