Thursday, June 05, 2014


They're self striping Regia something-or-other. Toe up, short row heel, six inches of k2p2 ribbing...

I think my biggest triumph with these is how that red stripe divides and goes across the top and bottom of both heels and comes together in the front. I couldn't have made that happen the same way on both socks if I'd been trying, but it's a nice coincidence.

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Dar said...

Cute socks. I haven't tried toe up yet, but it on my list of "to do" soon.

G! said...

Those are very cute!! Love the red idea.

Jess (a.k.a. Rosie) said...

Love your socks!! Stripes are my favorite, but not my favorite to actually do. Lol. Visiting (and new subscriber) from Finish It Up Friday :-)

~ Jess ~
Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

straythreads said...

love the stripes on the socks Well done!!

Churn Dash said...

Some day I will try toe up socks. I love how self striping yarn works.


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