Saturday, June 14, 2014

Miniature Food

Thirty-some years ago, when my mom painted these for my dollhouse, they were the most amazing dollhouse food I could imagine. I  do swoon a bit over those little strips of bacon, and the edges of those plates are so thin. I'm glad they survived my childhood!

But have you seen the things they're doing with polymer clay now?  Hurry up and Google polymer clay dollhouse food images if you haven't. It'll absolutely take your breath away.  Especially the meats. I saw a whole display case of food at the miniature store in Lincoln City and it's even more swoon-worthy in person.

It's all completely out of my budget, but there are books and youtube videos and Teenage Daughter has a stash of polymer clay for her jewelry projects....

I made eggs using the technique from this youtube video as loose inspiration. The ones in the video had a shiny gloss coating and pastel chalk along the edges to make them look just a little bit burnt. I was having enough trouble just getting my bits of clay small enough.

Those first two weren't to scale, so I made smaller ones. 

I'm so overwhelmed and intimidated by all of the tutorials I've been reading, but I really want to learn to do this!

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Lisa T said...

Great job, Michelle!

Dar said...

What fun. Those are great looking and would pass as REAL if you hadn't told me.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

These look great! I'd like to learn how to do this too, though on a slightly larger scale -- for my 18" dolls.


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