Tuesday, June 10, 2014

{Kindle Freebie} Make the Moments Count

I've only read through the first half, but I wanted to write a quick post about Make the Moments Count - 121 Adventurous, Unique and Affordable Family and Kids Activities while it's still available as a free Kindle download.  Based on what I've read so far, this is a great resource. I've read lots of lists of "things to do with the kids," but I've been a mom for long enough that most of the ideas are familiar ones. This book includes a lot of suggestions I hadn't seen before, along with a few really boring ones that are on all of the other lists, and a few that just boggle my mind. Why on Earth would anyone want to rent a chicken?   (And, at $250 for a few months, how does that qualify as affordable?)  There are a couple of minor editing issues and ads for the author's other books tucked in between the chapters, but the useful information makes those easy to overlook.

Kindle prices change quickly, so remember to check before you click the purchase button.

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