Thursday, June 27, 2013

a little experiment


I've got two baby tops ready to quilt, but I got scratched by a bee.
Yes, "scratched" is the word for it. I was taking off the suit and got nicked by a stinger, just enough to draw a bit of blood and not enough to inject any poison. But I didn't know that for sure  at the time, so I took a dose of Benadryl just in case and that stuff makes me sleepy.
I didn't have the nerve to tackle my baby quilts, but I did experiment with this orphan block that's been telling me it wanted to get some fancy free motion quilting and become a mug rug. Your stash talks to you too, doesn't it?
It's not my usual style of quilting and I definitely need more practice, but it was a fun experiment and I've been needing a second one.


Sara said...

Dang it! Sorry about that bee:(

Adore the orphan block turned mug rug!

Sarah Craig said...

What a great idea for an orphan block! Great quilting, too! Whoop whoop!!


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