Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's warm enough!

Yesterday was our first chance of the year to make it down to our favorite spot by the river.  Last year, between the new roof and whatever else was going on,  I think we only made it two or three times. 

The weather forecast and the thermometer in the van both said that it was too cold to play in the water, but you couldn't have convinced my kiddos that it wasn't warm enough to swim. (Of course I think the boys would try to swim in January, given the chance, but it really was a gorgeous day!)

Besides the obvious sunscreen and snacks and drinks, here are my favorite tips for a day at the river, with links to some previous posts --

I bring a fluffy utility quilt with thick polyester batting to spread over the rocks for a more comfortable place it sit. We bought this one at a yard sale for a buck.

I bring pool noodles and toys with our names on them, because sometimes things drift downstream a bit and need to be identified.

And I bring my  floppy hat so I can keep from burning my ears and nose.

What are your tips for a great day at the park with the kids?

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Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Snacks! And baby wipes to clean up before the snacks!! We used to LOVE the river with the kids when they were young...so fun!!


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