Saturday, June 08, 2013

Free Kindle Title -- Snow Day by Dan Maurer

I was going to write about this one in my weekly Yarn Along post, but then I saw that it's free through June 9. And I assume that if I'm going to recommend a book to you, you'd rather I did it while you can get the book yourself for free, right?

I found Snow Day on Amazon this morning when I was browsing for Kindle freebies and wound up reading it on the couch while I nursed a migraine and Hubby made dinner. (Do I even need to mention how thrilled I am that, not knowing I felt awful, he decided to cook tonight?)

Here's the book's Amazon description:
It happens each winter, and has for over 35 years. Every time the snow starts to fall late in the evening before a school day, the dreams begin again for Billy Stone. They are always the same – there’s a dark tunnel, and there’s blood, lots of blood, and someone is screaming.
In this chilling childhood tale, Billy, recounts the events of one unforgettable day in 1975. On that day, he and his friends played carefree in the snow, until an adventure gone awry left him far from home, staring death in the face, and running from a killer bent on keeping a horrible secret.
Set in a time before Amber Alerts, when horror stories were told around camp fires instead of on the nightly news, Snow Day is a blend of nostalgia and nightmare that makes us question if the good old days were really as good as we remember.
I love horror novels, but not quite as much as I used to. As I've aged, I've gotten more squeamish. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into this one, but once I did get pulled into the story, I read the whole thing from beginning to end without stopping. It kind of reminded me of Super 8 and It by Stephen King. Not because those stories have anything in common with Snow Day, but all three are about children running around like the author of the Free Range Kids blog seems to think kids should still be able to do -- except in this story and the ones I'm comparing it to something bad really is going to happen.  I'm keeping this one on my Kindle, because I can definitely see myself reading it again someday. This is the kind of creepy horror that I really enjoy.


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Nanci Stokes said...

Ok...this one is a must read for me too! sweet darling guy to make dinner for you...good to know that he would not starve if left alone!


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