Tuesday, June 07, 2011

trying to be patient

Tomorrow we see the orthopedist and hopefully get some idea when I'll be up and about and driving and doing the things I need to do. I'm getting around the house okay now, but I'm desperate to get back to normal, or at least to where I was before the surgery.

While I'm waiting, I'm trying to make the transition from being hopeless (meant to type "helpless," but hopeless is what came out and really is how I've felt) to getting dinners made and laundry done and pulling my own weight around here. Without overdoing it.

I've cut a bunch more pieces for the drunkard's path quilt. Still not as many as I'm going to need for the whole thing, but enough to keep me pinning and sewing for quite a few hours. I don't really feel like doing either, but knowing that I could if I wanted to is an improvement.

Mostly, I'm drooling over other people's projects.

I'm very happy with my AccuQuilt Go. I do not want/need/covet a Studio. (Translation -- I don't have unlimited quilting funds!) But this morning I stumbled across Bunny Rose & Co and 52 Weeks of AccuQuilt. I love her fan quilt. Wouldn't that be a fun way to use up scraps? And I can do a pincushion with the dies I've got for my Go! Except my embroidery floss is all up the unclimbable stairs...

I do not garden. I do not have a metal letter stamping set. Neither of which stops me from wanting these. They sell the stamping sets at Harbor Freight....d they're on sale.... Have I mentioned how desperate I am to drive again?

Spring Frills Scarf I don't crochet, but there's a tutorial.

Get Dressed There's something about dresses on dress forms that makes my heart go pitty pat.

And look at this! I rarely wear makeup, but maybe I would if I had something like this to keep it organized.

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