Saturday, November 06, 2010

no pictures today

I still haven't found the camera cable. Probably because I'm not looking too hard. It's here in my little quilting corner, and I'll stumble across it eventually. Betcha I've looked right at it six or seven times today without seeing it, because that's what usually happens when I'm worried about finding something.

Instead of searching for the cable, I've been working towards my fifty quilts. One top is done, another is done except for a border to bring it up to size, and I've got plans for half a dozen more.

And today I'm feeling pretty good about my mom-as-teacher science skills. We saw a horror story online earlier this week about the McDonald's Happy Meals that won't rot -- and I know from experience with four kids and a mini van that there are all sorts of different foods that will petrify under a seat for scary lengths of time.

Stuff dries out. Dried food can stay that way for decades. The woman who taught the food preservation class I took years ago brought in dried fruits that were 15-20 years old as samples. Which we ate, although I'm pretty sure she didn't reveal their age until after that.

I've been guessing that a burger made at home would behave the same way as a McDonald's one and wishing someone had done a comparison. Thanks to my daughter's incredible skills at Google, we know that someone did. And Mommy was right, they are turning into burger jerky.

Now I'm annoyed with the science teachers who are supposedly using these petrified burgers as warnings. Either they don't know better (which they should), or they do and they're misleading their students.

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