Friday, July 23, 2010

still not quilting

If anyone wants proof that all is not right in my house, they can look at my sewing machine where the same quilt has been pinned down by the needle for ten days.

Ten days ago, I spent a whole twenty minutes trying to finish quilting the spirals. Before that, the little quilt sat untouched for a month.

The pile of unfolded laundry and the floor that need vacuuming, those aren't that unusual. It's not even unusual for me to leave a quilt neglected for that long.

What is wrong, and is slowly driving me toward madness, is that I haven't been working on anything else. I'm not sure how long that green lace baby hat has been on my size eight circulars waiting to be cast off. I don't want to know.

I keep thinking I'll be able to piece some nine patches or cut a binding, or do just a little bit of something, but my knee hurts and my shoulder hurts and by the time I've got the kids fed and the dishes done, I haven't got enough oomph left to even think about taking that quilt out of the sewing machine or raising the feed dogs and changing the presser foot.

Which takes two minutes. And isn't that physically strenuous. But considering how many typos I've had to fix so far while typing this, maybe I shouldn't play with sharp things. I cut through the back of my fingernail with a paring knife while slicing tomatoes the other day. And then slammed the same bandaged finger in the porch door an hour later.

And no, that wasn't when I was taking any of the painkillers. I'm apparantly that rattled and klutzy all on my own.

While I'm resting my knee and shoulder between doing things that have to be done, I've been following rabbit trails from blog to blog. Not quilting or knitting blogs, because seeing quilts I want to make and knowing I can't start them is just depressing.... but I can read neat vintage and craft blogs and get excited about "someday" projects.

Jan at Bobbypins Boardwalk has a great idea for organizing fabric on a slatted folding door. Now I really want a door to play with.

I'm really looking forward to a series of drafting that's coming up over at ikat bag

And look at the felt doctor's kit over here. Isn't that just the coolest thing ever?! My two little guys would definitely play with the xray and cast. I'm thinking one of the felt playhouses with a doctor's office would be fun. Not that I'd be that ambitious even if I was at my best...

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