Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour has got to be one of the best ideas Craft Warehouse has ever come up with, even better than Black Friday sales because you don't have to decide between cheap toys for the kids and cheap toys for Mom. Every Wednesday night, from six to eight, they've got coupons for 40% off one item and 20% off the rest of your purchase.

I'm sure those hours work for lots of other people, but last night was one of the very few times I've actually been up in town at the right time and haven't had to rush straight home after running errands. So I stopped early in the day to make sure they had coupons and see if they had anything I wanted to come back for.

They had quilting fabric on clearance for $1.99 a yard. Bright colors for the baby quilts.... Dark civil war colors for my quilts.... Moda... I spent the next three hours trying to figure out how I was going to wrangle two preschoolers and a ten year old, because the last time I made it to Happy Hour the place was really busy.

Last night, there was only one other woman buying fabric. A couple of others were looking, but seemed immune to the cheap prices and pretty colors. Everything I'd seen earlier in the day was still right there waiting for me, so I filled the cart with bolts and left my thirteen year old to get it cut and took the boys outside.

How can it take an hour to cut fabric? I can understand a long wait in line, but that was just to cut what I was buying and write down the numbers from the ends of the bolts and get out the White Out and re-write the numbers again.... And then it was another half hour or so to pay for it.

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my thirteen year old? She decided that standing in line by herself would be much more pleasant than standing in line with me and three boys, so I took them out to the van and put on a movie and rested my knee while she spent my money for me.

Fourteen yards of yummy fabric and two nice tote bags for for twenty-six bucks. I'm SO happy to have stumbled across that sale rack! There are a couple of pink prints I didn't pick up that are still haunting me (in hindsight, I really really really wish I'd bought the whole bolt to use as a backing!), but there aren't any "why did I buy that's" that made it home, so I did good.

AND, as if that wasn't enough quilty goodness to bring home, I picked up two huge bags of cotton fabric that I'd seen on Craig's List and had Grandma swing by and check out for me. For twenty bucks, I got a whole ton of backs and bindings to be.

What I need now is the ability to quilt.

My old farmhouse kitchen needs a Mason Jar soap dispenser. I've even got the jars for it.


Decorchick! said...

Aww your kitchen will look great with your new dispenser! :)

Helen in the UK said...

All those wonderful fabrics and CHEAP - woo hoo!! I think your daughter deserves a treat for her patience ... I don't think I'd have waited an hour just for the cutting part :)

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Wow! Looks like you got some great deals... and I've been checking out your blog - your quilts are beautiful!

Love the mason jar soap dispenser!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lori said...

Sounds like you really scored at Happy hour!!! So nice of your daughter to do all the waiting for you:)


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