Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get the camera!

"Mom, come outside quick! Dad wants the camera and both boys...."

There's a certain tone of voice that means whatever it is is alive and going to get away if I'm not quick. And it's not the hushed urgency that means it's a bunch of deer up on the hill...

Honestly, I was expecting something bigger. This guy isn't nearly the size of the last one. (The one I almost stepped on one afternoon when I walked around the back of the van to get the groceries out, that Bill keeps a picture of in his toolbox at work because it was a good six feet long and very scary looking.)

Would it be too mean to send some pictures to the grandmas without mentioning that it's our own backyard?

Today's inspiration --

mamacjt is making darling little quilts for DQS8 and has some great posts showing her original sketches and how they transformed into finish quilts.

I've finally managed to change from my darning foot to my 1/4 inch foo and raise the feed dogs, and pieced about a dozen 2 1/2" squares together. Doesn't sound like much, but it's more than I've done in weeks. And the quilters over at 15 minutes play are getting all sorts of stuff done in little snippets of time. (Don't tell me if they're actually spending longer, I don't want to know!)

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ytsmom said...

Ok, I'm thoroughly grossed out! What kind of snake is it, and was it dead when the kids were holding it?!


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