Saturday, July 24, 2010

drooling over play kitchens

I have little boys. I have little boys who like to play with big boy toys. I do not need a play kitchen.

When I had a littl(er) girl, we went through two of the mass produced plastic play kitchens and a ton of plastic play food and no one ever really embraced any of it.

I do not need a play kitchen...

But I seriously wantone, now that I've seen what people are doing with old furniture from garage sales. Like the first one I saw and fell in love with. Or this little sink that used to be a night stand. Or this one.

Like soooo many other things, I wish I'd seen things like this when my little ones were littler....when I had more room to justify things like this....when I had more energy to attempt things like this (but less money to spend on the supplies, so I suppose that part evens out)...

But, while lusting after all of these fabulous play kitchens (I'm too old to make one for myself, right?), an idea started to form. An idea that would be perfect for my little guys if I can work out the logistics.

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