Thursday, June 03, 2010


It feels like a very long time since I started cutting pieces for Grandma's Donuts and made a test block, but the blog says I've only been ignoring my cute little wedges for about four months.

It's not that it's hard to trace and cut them, but picking out the right variety of fabrics and making sure that I'm not duplicating them, or using too much of any one color -- that part always makes me a little crazy.

I want this quilt, badly enough to trace and cut the same shape 640 times. I can definitely see the appeal of those die cut machines! But I'm down to my last forty wedges, scrambling for those last few fabric choices.

The piecing, I hope, will go a lot more quickly.

And because I know I'll lose my magazine long before I'm done, here are the details -- it's the Grandmother's Donut Quilt from Traditional Quiltworks (Issue #30, March 1994), the finished quilt should measure 64"x80" and the blocks are 16" square.

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