Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today, I've been experimenting with some fabric I found out in the sewing room. It's a pretty jersey knit and I wondered if I could use it to back some of these baby quilts I've been playing with. I Googled and found a site that said I could. I know, I know, I could probably find a site that would tell me I could contact aliens with tin foil and coat hangars, and that not everything you read on the Internet is a good idea, but this time the advice worked.

And just in case it didn't, I started with my least favorite of the baby tops.

I like it SO much better now that it's quilted! Now to find some scrap binding or something I won't mind cutting up.

My other experiment for today was dragging out the bolt of polyester batting that's been hibernating in the bedroom closet. Turns out it's not the high loft stuff I thought it was, instead it's somewhere between the Mountain Mist that I really love and the thick stuff I hate. And I can separate the layers to make it thin.

I don't know how many yards there are here (and I'm not quite silly enough to try unrolling it and measuring) but it's enough to do a lot of baby quilts. I can probably skip that great sale that Joann's has on batting this weekend.

Tonight's project, if I can work up the energy, is sorting scraps. I need more little squares to play with.

The latest little top has 4 1/2" center squares. I think it's my favorite so far.

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Debra said...

These are great little layouts for scraps and for babies!


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