Sunday, February 07, 2010

These little quilt tops are fun! Yesterday, I finished two more.

Here's #2

This is the same block I used for my first "real" quilt back in 2008, this time with smaller squares and different layout.

And here's #3

This is how I originally visualized the blue quilt from yesterday. Now that I've seen it both ways, I like the blue one with the six inch center blocks better.

Today, I've been cutting up fabric and making kits for a few more baby quilts. The 2 1/2" squares are all in two containers -- one has the floral prints for a batch of controlled scrap quilts I've got planned, and the other is filling up with everything else. I also managed to cut background fabric for the three floral quilts.

Some days I probably shouldn't have bags of fabric piled waist high at my end of the dining room -- or so people tell me. I'm not convinced. But it'll be nice to have some projects kitted up and ready to go so that I can sew without making a huge mess. Or going up to the sewing room to track down fabric by flashlight. And it'll be a good supply of leaders/enders for my own projects.

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