Friday, February 19, 2010

It's quilted!

It also seems to have shrunk overnight. When I took the real tape measure to it this afternoon, it came out at 70" x 82" -- not quite the biggest quilt I've made. But it's still the hugest thing I've dared tackle with the Janome -- and it came out just fine!

The meandering isn't quite as nice as I've been managing on my smaller quilts, but it's a LOT better than I usually do on the long arm. So I have my top quilted now AND got better results than I would've had if I'd waited. And now there's nothing in line in front of the cats.

I really do need to go measure the cat blocks because if it isn't going to be bigger, or much bigger, than Sparkling Gems... I might be getting giddy all over again.

Don't you love those quilting (knitting, cooking, whatever else) moments when you suddenly realize that you not only can accomplish something, but now that you've got that new skill or bit of knowledge, you're going to be able to accomplish a lot more somethings?

My other big revelation for this week has been about the muslin. It doesn't have to match! Bonnie at Quiltville says so, and if Bonnie says it's okay to use all of those different bits of muslin in one quilt, I'm gonna get my stack of mis-matched whitish pieces and start cutting two inch squares.


Mary said...

Just like the little Engine that could... You never know unless you try, right? Good Job. I love the feeling of saying I did it all by myself!

Helen in the UK said...

Great quilt. Many congrats on getting it quilted on your DSM :)


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