Wednesday, February 10, 2010

be careful what you wish for

I wasn't looking forward to our weekly trip into town today. Staying home where the fabric and sewing machine are sounded so much more pleasant, but it's actually not.

Not after getting up three times in the dead of the night to change bedding and clean up sick preschoolers. And now the oldest has whatever it is. (The one kid who isn't sick now was already sick Friday night.) Chasing around to the bank and the post office and karate would have been much more fun. There's caffeine out in the world. And the fried chicken I planned to pick up for dinner on our way home.

Judy at Patchwork Times has an interesting question on her blog -- do you love your stash?

I'm glad to have my stash, but most of the fabric came from thrift store scrap bags. If I could somehow magically replace it yard for yard with absolutely anything I wanted, I'd happily take some Moda shirtings and Kansas Troubles and a bunch of 30s and Civil War repros... I guess it's a totally different question for people who originally bought all of their stash at quilt shop prices!

Since the fabric fairy probably isn't going to show up tonight, I guess I get to keep the stash I've got.

The organized chunk of my stash, the fabric I actually bought brand-new, on purpose (just not at quilt shop prices!), is fabric that I'm happy with and probably wouldn't choose to replace with something else.

The remains of the scrap bags are another story. But it was bound to happen. If you take a big bag of fabric, pull out everything you love, then go back later and pull out everything that's floral, then pull out all of the juvenille prints, then pull out everything that would make good 2 1/2" squares....eventually what's left is going to seem pretty pathetic.

But I've made quilts from those bags that I love and absolutely wouldn't replace with quilt shop patterns and fabric. And if Grandma can buy a scrap bag for six or seven bucks and get a quilt top out of it, I think we got our money's worth.

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