Friday, April 24, 2009

The quilt show started this morning and we were there, even though I couldn't work up a lot of enthusiasm about leaving the house that early. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, both of my little guys announced that they wanted to go back to the house. Not even promises that both grandmas and their best friend Janet were waiting inside to hold hands with them changed their minds. My quilt show days are definitely numbered.

Quinn got very cooperative after we promised to buy him a milkshake if he walked and held Grandma's hand. Leif was a little less cooperative, but he's smaller and easier to lug around, so I did get to see all of the quilts.

I was going to stay away from the vendors, which turned out to be a mistake. The guild was selling books and patterns dirt cheap -- I'd love to have seen what was there when they started! I got a three books and two patterns for a grand total of seven bucks.

Aren't the fishing lures great? And the blackbirds. I love blackbirds. I've completely forgotten how much I hated doing blanket stitch around blackbirds.

And the fabric, which is exactly what I need to make those last six blocks for the red quilt. I'll have to tear apart some of the other blocks to make it work, which doesn't sound fun, but now I'm out of excuses. And I really do want to finish that quilt.

We also had a bit of a mystery. The shop called Grandma to let her know that a lady had brought in a bunch of quilting scraps. I assumed that it was the same dealer I'd bought the other fabric from, because I'd asked Grandma to tell her I was interested if she had littler pieces to get rid of. But it wasn't her.

No one knows who it was. Someone apparently heard Grandma talking to someone else about the quilting fabric she was getting for her granddaughter and brought it in. None of it actually is quilting cotton, but there are some neat upholstery fabrics in there and Alex is going to make tote bags and purses.

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Michelle said...

I have always wanted to learn to quilt.. I mean.. do a REAL quilt.. I learned a tiny bit in college from a fun class that was offered in the evenings.. but I just didn't have the funds, or time ... so much of that knowledge is long since gone... I saved many of my favorite baby outfits to make a log cabin quilt one day with them of my children's childhood! :-)

ps... I'm your wee tiny sock pal... I knit it up yesterday and other than weaving in the two ends (and fixing the toe, I like them to be a bit more rounded than her pattern calls for)... I'm ready to mail tomorrow! :-) Its coming from the East Coast so it may take a few days!


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