Sunday, April 19, 2009

I spent the afternoon fighting with my stash. My plan was to pull out lights and darks for a couple of ambitious quilts I'm hoping to start soon, then cut some 3" strips out of what was left in the scrap bags. I'd found a new block pattern this morning that I wanted to use for a baby quilt.

I've already pulled out all of the reds for the red quilt, and the blues for the flying birds quilt, and the greens that I hadn't already pulled out for the tree quilt are out now so I can use them for a Weed Whacker quilt. Oh, and I pulled out the browns when I was working on the Irish Chain...

Those scrap bags are getting pretty picked over. There's still plenty of fabric in them, but it's odd shapes and sizes or it's not cotton, or there's some other reason I haven't used it yet.

I did manage to scrounge enough fabric to make this --

The bags are slowly vanishing. Isn't that neat? Means I've almost got an excuse to look for more.

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