Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I got the tree together!

After getting up before dawn to see dh off to work, it seemed like I might as well work on it for a while before it was time to drag the kids out of bed. It went a lot faster than I expected and if I hadn't put one entire section together backwards, I would've had it done before I started breakfast. An on-time breakfast, not one that's really closer to lunch time.

I wound up ripping and resewing the messed up section after we finished school for the day, but it's together and I really like the combination of greens and neutrals I wound up using. The selection process was more "rummage through the scrap bags and see what's in there" than carefully considered and planned.

This is one of those "use your design wall" projects, and I still don't have a design wall. If I'd planned ahead, I would have laid out the flannel side of my old table cloth so I could take my time instead of racing the clock and kids, but it was five in the morning and I was happy enough to be getting something done.

Now I've got to figure out the borders. The pattern calls for a solid green border, but I want to do something pieced. I'm tempted to add multiple borders and make it a lap quilt.

Check out the giveaway at Turning*Turning. Her post about stash infusion has me wondering -- is $12,000 of fabric okay if you use it up?

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