Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At what deluded point does a quilter convince herself that the folded fabric doesn't count as stash? I hit that point this weekend, but I'm feeling a little saner now that I've got fabric pulled out for another few quilts that I suddenly must make.

Do you see those wonderful pieced whales and boats around the borders of North Passage?! It'll be by far the most complicated quilt I've tried so far, but between the scraps and the whales and the boats, I've GOT to give it a try.

My need to make Simple Pleasures is harder to explain. Maybe it's the way the snowball blocks look like circles. Or the 2 1/2" squares. I like scrappy little squares. I like quilts that use scrappy little squares and don't look anything like the other quilts I've already made that use scrappy little squares -- and I think I've found my explanation!

And there's going to be a Bento Box (with the Moda scrap bag that didn't have any selvages in it), and the green Weed Whacker, and the scrappy courthouse steps. And a scrappy pineapple quilt when I work up the nerve to tackle that one.

These might keep me out of trouble for a while. If I didn't know exactly what trouble I plan on getting myself into later this week.

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