Saturday, June 07, 2008

That's such a great idea!

Too many of my knitting and quilting projects start with that thought and turn out not to be much fun at all.

And then there was last night's little adventure. The kids from our church had the chance to sleep with the sharks at the aquarium. Doesn't that just sound like the coolest thing ever? When we found out about the trip a couple of months ago, I got my kids signed up and got myself signed up as a chaperone. We scheduled our vacation around it.

I couldn't manage a decent picture of where we slept without getting anyone else in the shot, but I found a picture of the tunnel. We were in the tube with the sharks. I spent most of the night lying awake and watching leopard sharks and bat rays drift past, sandwiched between my two littlest guys.

We were supposed to get up at a quarter to seven. I don't know what time Quinn and Leif started taking turns waking up and immediately going back to sleep, but it was a lot earlier than that. If I'd had my knitting with me, it would've been fine, but were weren't supposed to have anything in the tunnel but bedding and I thought smuggling in a sock and dpns would have been a bit ridiculous.

It would have been smart. Those sharks were absolutely fascinating for the first few hours, but I sure could've used something to keep my hands busy.

It was a once in a childhood opportunity that I'm sure the big kids will remember forever, and I'm glad we went. But I am ready to collapse from exhaustion.

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