Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pink Lace!

Things have finally settled down enough for me to pull out Fancy Fulness and finish clues three and four. I'm not sure why I'm so excited about knitting pink lace, but it seems like the neatest thing ever and once I get going I have a hard time putting it back down.

When I first downloaded the chart, I had a strong feeling that my Fancy Fulness should be be pink. I didn't have any, so the pattern sat for a while until I remembered the reddish pink lace weight Bill bought me for my birthday last year. Maybe I'd been thinking of that yarn the whole time and that was where the odd pink urge came from.

Turns out I absolutely hate that yarn. Then I remembered some pink fingering weight that was given to me a while back and was all set to cast on with that when I saw the new Shadows colors.

This is the right pink.

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