Monday, June 23, 2008

Can I just stay home and knit?

Our new furniture was delivered four days ago and I'm still a bit giddy -- and also terrified that the kids are going to do something destructive to it. I could just sit here and knit forever. Especially in the recliner. I'd rather look at the pretty flowered couches, but I'd rather knit in the recliner.

I'm on clue six of Fancy Fulness and had to cheat just a bit to fix a mistake I couldn't find -- but I think everything is okay now.

After a couple of days of sorting and cutting, I can't decide whether I like the new scrap quilt or hate it. I love the picture in the magazine and mine has potential. But I don't know if I should tear apart the blocks I've got done and replace the bright fabrics that are nagging at me, or have faith that it'll all work out and use more of those colors.

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