Friday, April 04, 2008

Yesterday when I said I was up to my ears in schoolbooks, I didn't realize I'd be up past midnight just trying to get a little bit ahead of what the kids will be reading. And two of 'em aren't anywhere near reading yet! What's this going to be like in another three years or so?

Actually, if we stay with Sonlight, I'll have read their books for Heath and Alex already and Heath will be reading the ones Alex is reading now and I'll just have one core to keep up with. I don't even have to read her books -- I could just use the questions in the Instructor Guide, but this time I'm determined to read all of it and see what's getting into their brains.

So I read two 2nd grade readers last night, and a biography of Simon Bolivar, and started the three other books Alex is reading this week. Except for the biography, which was a miserably boring list of dates and places, they're fantastic.

I got to sleep in this morning, so once I get my sick baby boys in bed I've got a brown paper bag to open up and a sock to cast on.

I'd read about personal sock clubs several times, but it was a post on Ravelry that described putting the yarn into paper lunch bags that finally convinced me. Yarn in ziplocs, or little numbered slips of paper didn't seem special enough. But sealed brown paper bags? I wanna do that!

I bought a package of bags at Walmart, and staples, then came home and picked out enough sock yarn for seven different pairs, then sealed the bags and put them in a big basket in the sewing room. It's been a few days, so I can't even remember for sure what's in there.

I just went up and pulled out a bag and it's on the kitchen counter, waiting to be opened. Or I might cut some more two inch squares from the scraps Mom sent over, or cast on another toddler sock to try out the short row garter stitch heel I just saw in a pattern...

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Aimee said...

The paper bags definitely make it more exciting somehow, doesn't it?


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