Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ulterior Motives

We all know the real reason I was so anxious to get Mystery Stole 3 off the needles and (sort of) blocked. I was dying to cast on for Mystic Waters.


After a disastrous first attempt with the Elann Super Kydd I'd planned to use, I cast on again with Palette. I love this stuff for lace! It's pretty. It's dirt cheap. It's got a bit more substance than laceweight, but is still delicate.

I've got a sudden urge to start stockpiling more of the stuff, but that'll have to wait until I build up my Cash for Stash balance again. I was still a few dollars in the hole and then I went to Joann's today armed with a handful of 40% off coupons.

The whole purpose of the trip was to find some handles for Trimiters. The ones I found aren't my dream purse straps (I would've preferred something longer and less sticky-vinyl-y), but they were cuter and a lot cheaper than I expected to find.

I was hoping they'd have the issue of Craft with the hatching chick pattern, but they didn't. So I got one of my favorite quilting magazines and the new issue of Vogue Knitting.

Buried in that mess of garish sweaters, there are a couple of articles about lace and patterns for nine shawls. I definitely plan to tackle the Nicky Epstein one and maybe a couple of the others.

We also braved the bead section at Craft Warehouse to find beads to go with my yarn for Ice Queen. I found some sparkly foil-lined ones like the pattern calls for and once I figure out where my itty bitty crochet hooks got to, I may be ready to try beads sometime soon.

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