Saturday, February 16, 2008

Turns out I do like the Mystery Stole after all. (Sorry Rachel, I'm gonna keep it for me -- but thanks for offering to take it off my hands!) I wore it yesterday when we went to the nursery to look for more apple trees, and it fits fine. Could be Aa few inchesa longer, but I'm not going to rip back and change it now. I'f I'm going to concentrate on lace, it's going to be Mystic Waters.


Now I've got to figure out what I was doing with my WIPs before the week long lace binge.


Robin said...

It really is a gorgeous design, so I'm glad you've made peace with yours. I didn't finish mine, however. I never could get past the idea of having a bird name (Robin) and wearing a wing.

shortoldlady said...

Glad you're happy with it. My DD loves it! Wear it in good health!


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