Thursday, February 28, 2008

a pretty little wisp of lace


My Chapel Veil almost met a tragic end when I got bored with casting off and walked away from it. I know better than to do that, but I tempted fate and the next time I saw my lace, half of the stitches were dangling loosely and there was a deep ragged tear where a pretty scallop should have been.

It was gruesome -- almost too awful for this former horror writer to deal with. (I suspect that it was attacked by the same little guy who stuffed my sock yarn down the heating vent so that I had to put my arm in up to the shoulder to get it all back. I'm still not sure I got it all, and even though I asked nicely, Bill won't crawl under the house and open up the duct to check.)

Even though I knew the veil was beyond rescue, I started picking up stitches to see what I could do and I fixed it!


shortoldlady said...

Fantastic save! Lovely finish! The mother in me can't help it: now what have you learned from this mis-adventure? :-)

Helen said...

I am in awe!
It gives me hope for myself. I know I won't have the fortitude to cast off Willow in one sitting either....


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