Monday, February 11, 2008

No more rows to knit!

Not on this incarnation of Mystery Stole 3, at least. When Bill decided to go to bed last night, I still had four rows left to go and decided to stay up until they were done. It took longer than it seemed like it should and as soon as I bound off the last stitch I decided that I hated it, but it's looking better all stretched out by the light of day. It'll need a better blocking job, but this works for now.


I got up early this morning and did the last row of triangles and picked up the stitches for the bottom edge of Trimiters.


And then I had to check my Ravelry notebook to see what else is on my needles because I've been so obessed with the stole that my other wips got lost.

I just proofread this and realized that I need to explain myself better. I don't hate my Mystery Stole. I'm just not sure I love the wing as much as I love the first half. I love all of the others I've seen pictures of, so I'm sure mine will grow on me once it's dry enoug hto try on.


Alison said...

Absolutely gorgeous.


Rachel said...

I think your stole is lovely, so I hope you fall in love with it again once it's off the pins!

(Hee hee, if you don't like it, you can always gift it to me!)


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