Friday, February 29, 2008

My little boys need socks, so I dug out a skein of Knitpicks Felici and cast on with the Harmony dpns I got for Christmas. I haven't knit socks in a very long time. It took a while for my fingers to get used to the needles and yarn and I've made more weird little, easily fixed, mistakes than I can figure out, but I'm happily getting the hang of this again.

The Felici socks were done in a couple of days, so I dug out the Trampoline Stretch and cast on a second pair. Then I got to worrying what I'd do when they were done. I knew there was a single skein of Regia something-or-other, but the rest of my sock yarn was in 100 gram quantities. I'm not going to use half of one skein and leave the rest, and I'm not going to knit four pairs in the same color.

I had myself halfway convinced that I needed more sock yarn, but I dug through the stash and reality has sunk in. I've got enough for at least five more pairs without digging into sock yarn that's intended for adult feet, or resorting to wildly inappropriate colors.

I don't know if I'll finish that many pairs or not -- after seeing how quickly these little socks fly off the needles I'm about ready to cast on a new pair for myself.

And I'm going to make toddler sized Sock Blockers out of place mats. If I can find some appropriate place mats. Walmart didn't have any -- at least not in the section where the place mats are. After we left the store I remembered seeing some once by the little plastic dinner sets. So we'll have to go back.

Value Village had one plastic place mat. It's clear with pink and brown swirls on it, and I plan to use it for sock blockers for me.

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