Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My entire day has been spent getting ready for bedtime. I've done the dishes, got the laundry mountain caved down to an acceptably sized hill, made sure the schoolwork got done, fed and watered the chickens, got everyone to karate and back in one piece...and now I'm just about ready to tuck them all into bed.

Then I get to knit.

I've been planning this all day and it just hit me that I've spent the whole day getting ready to knit and I don't have a clue what I plan to work on. Probably Mystic Waters or the pair of socks I'm making for Quinn, because those are what's on the needles. I could finish that awful cabled sweater for Leif, which might only take a couple of hours...or sew the handles onto Trimiters....

I've been distracted from my actual projects by some wonderful rumors. They say that the Knitpicks podcast (which my dial up connection won't let me listen to, so I'll have to rely on second hand informations) said there'll be new colors of Shadows soon -- and lacewight Gloss!

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