Saturday, February 02, 2008

I've been torn. Deep, deep in my heart I know that what I wanted most was that new sock yarn from Elann. But there are all of those new shawl KALs just starting and, even though I've got plenty of laceweight, none of it's in large enough quantities to start Spring Suprise or any of the others.

Since I've got a secret hope that Knitpicks will eventually have new laceweight colors (there's gotta be a reason they just discontinued so many, doesn't there?), I ordered the sock yarn and also bought the pattern for the Mystic Waters Shawl.

There's logic here! I've been waiting an eternity for that sock yarn and it was always supposed to be the thing I could break my yarn diet for. I've got enough blue yarn to knit Mystic Waters -- I missed the deadline for the KAL so I've been sulking and waiting for the pattern to go on sale.

While I'm waiting for laceweight that may not even exist, I can work on some socks and Mystic Waters and my Mystery Stole and try to build up my Cash for Stash savings.


I cast on those mitts again and this time they came out. The stitch pattern doesn’t show very well in the pictures or real life, but I’m so excited about the color and the fit that I don’t care. Who says that cables have to jump out at you from across the room? I used two strands of the Red Heart Soft and probably have enough left for a hat or another pair of mittens.

TriMiters is coming along. I just need to do the bottom and figure out what kind of straps I want. And hope the washer is working when it's time to felt it. Six visits from the appliance guy since December 12th and it's still not right.


And I've cast on another sweater for Alex, hopefully to replace the pink one I made her out of Softee Chunky that she's still wearing four years later. As soon as I got going on that, though, I realized I want those needles for a sweater for myself.

There's gotta be another long Denise cable around here someplace...


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