Sunday, February 03, 2008

Do shawls have sequels? Or are they called something else?

I found out yesterday that there's a follow-up to Mystic Waters -- Mystic Light -- which starts on my birthday. And I got all excited because I've got two different lace weights that are nice and flamey...then I read the messages today and found out I need fingering weight.

Which isn't a bad thing. I like knitting lace with fingering weight. Palette is cheap, and either Salsa Heather or Golden Heather would make me happy. Not that I'm ordering any right this second. I'm being good and trying to have some self restraint.

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iknitifrogiknitagain said...

Isn't the Mystic Waters shawl beautiful? I'm still finishing up the Adamas Shawl - I want to wear it to a wedding in March, and if I pick up the Mystic Waters, Adamas will go by the wayside!

And 3 sweaters cast on and finished in January? Can you send some of your knitting mojo over here?


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