Thursday, August 16, 2007

We had playgroup in the woods on Monday and I took Picovoli since I always seem to wind up sitting somewhere away from the other moms so I can watch my littlest guys. They sat on the sandbar in the middle of the little stream, throwing rocks into the puddles of water and I was stretched out on a quilt in a patch of shade.

Then one of the older boys startled a snake, which raced across the quite and right under my knitting bag. I suppose I should be glad it didn't go into the bag, which was lying on its side.

What's a knitter supposed to do if a snake crawls in with her knitting? Has it ever happened?

My wonderful daughter caught the itty bitty snake and let it go on the other side of the stream. And I got Picovoli finished this morning, but can't wear it until it has a bath to get rid of the smoky smell that it picked up while I was knitting by the campfire.

And I've got almost all of my yarn stash entered into Ravelry -- yippee!

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Rachel said...

I'm so jealous that you're already in Ravelry! I've got about 9,000 people in front of me, unfortunately. I was really hoping to get in quickly, so I could organize my stash for Christmas knitting. Oh well.

Glad your snake didn't like knitting spots to hide! Can't wait to see what you finished, though.


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