Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've got this skein of pink yarn that surfaced first while I was digging through my stash to list it all in Ravelry inventory, then again yesterday after I found this neat lace scarf pattern.

I owe my buddy a pink scarf. Because the pink scarf I didn't knit her for Christmas of 2005 may have saved my littlest baby's life. I'd planned to knit her a brown lace scarf. I had the pattern and yarn all picked out, then she showed up at karate all happy about a girly scarf she'd just bought.

It took me until the next day to decide that her Christmas scarf had to be pink, that I didn't have the right yarn, and that I couldn't justify driving 100 miles round trip to get the stuff I wanted. But I'd been feeling a little icky, it was Friday, and I could justify going to the OB just to make sure I was fine. And stop at Craft Warehouse on the way home.

I wasn't fine. I was in labor at 29 weeks and had dilated to three centimeters without feeling a single contraction. Go straight to the hospital, do not pass go, do not stop and buy the pink yarn that was the purpose of the whole trip...

It all turned out much much better than it would have if I hadn't gone to the doctor to justify a trip to buy yarn.

Then today at church I found out that a couple just had their first baby a month early. She's in the NICU, won't nurse, and although I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone knitting a prayer bonnet and socks, I'm feeling an awfully strong urge to make something pink and lacy.

I've got a little feather and fan blanket that never made it to the baby it was knit for, and I want to make this set. And of course the only pink dk weight stuff in my stash is that same skein I was going to use for my buddy's scarf.

That's okay. I'll order some pink wool for Janet's scarf later. There's plenty of time before Christmas.

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