Friday, August 10, 2007

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I've been having problems.

Tuesday night, I sat down to work on my mystery stole, planning to do just a few rows before I cast on for something else. I made a mistake. I recounted stitches five or six times, looking straight AT the huge glaring mistake the entire time, before deciding to cheat just a bit so things would line up. A row and a half later, I figured out what I'd done and had to tink back. But something went wrong with the tinking and I wound up taking the whole thing off of the needles and ripping back rows until I hit a point where I knew everything was okay. Then I had to figure out which row I'd landed on and do the next few rows to be sure that I really had fixed things and could safely go on from there.

I packed away the stole before anything else could happen to it and spent the next hour trying to start the Sonata Crest of the Wave top before finally figuring out that the pattern, although it doesn't exactly say so, must want me to do my increases in the lace pattern and that's one of the things I absolutely can not do. So that project is gone now.

Pulled out the Honeymoon Cami, which I've been avoiding because I'd taken off the needle tips for anther project and stopped in the middle of the increases. You won't believe it -- I actually wrote down which needles I'd been using and which row I stopped on! But I tried it on and decided that, at my current weight, I've got better plans for this yarn. Never mind that the thing was almost finished except for the neck and arm shaping....

It must've been about midnight by the time I pulled out the Denim Style and the Picovoli pattern and started my gauge swatch. It was definitely 1:30am by the time I threw up my hands and admitted defeat. And it was two days later by the time I finally got the adjusted numbers right and made it through the first few rows.

This is ridiculous! I should be able to convert a pattern from one gauge to another without quite this much drama, even if I can't find the calculator.

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Laura said...

Hi there: I love finding new blogs to visit! I am going to be reading through your archives for awhile, I started yesterday! I love how you have your "works in progress" percentages up! I have a bunch of things in progress too, even though I don't knit. I have the hardest time posting on blogger I hope this goes through.


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