Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bill came home the other night and wanted to know what brand of frozen green beans I'd just bought. I don't know -- whatever kind that Costco had. I've got a few brand loyalties, but frozen veggies isn't one of them. So I dug through the chest freezer and came up with the bag and it turns out that I wasn't feeding the kids the brand that just got recalled for botulism. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the scariest thing that could happen to a person.

Then he asked if I knew about the Mattel recalls for lead paint. Oh, crap. All I could think was that if they were recalling Hot Wheels I was in a world of hurt. My babies have soooo many little cars and if I had to get rid of them all, I would not be a happy mommy. Luckily, we've only got one of the toys on the list, it was made long before the ones they're recalling, and the boys never played with it anyway. So that's okay, but I'm afraid this is only going to be the first recall of many.


There is happy stuff going on, though -- the Mystery Stole has short rows! I love short rows and the magical things they can do, enough that I'm going to cast on with nicer yarn and try to catch up.

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Pat said...

What yarn will you use?? I'm loving the short rows!


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